About Poodilicious Pooches

Poodilicious Pooches is our pride and joy and has been built over the past decade.

It is the name of our Kennel club pre-fix and you will see this on all of our paperwork. We decided upon this name as we absolutely adore poodles and all of the crazy poodle mixes that have been conjured up over the years!

We originally exclusively bred KC registered Toy Poodles. This changed when we bought our first Maltese girl Molly who is a bundle of joy, We decided to break with tradition and produce a Maltipoo litter for the first time. The rest was history and we fell in love with them as they are such an amazing combination! 

Since then we have also moved into King Charles Cavaliers so we can produce top quality deep red Cavapoo's, and soon we will have cavapoochons.

We pride our self in only breeding from fully health tested parents so you can be assured you are getting a quality pet with a known heritage. Though cross breeds cannot be KC registered you can put them on the activity register and receive their own KC documentation. You will of course receive copies of mum and dads KC paperwork including all relevant DNA results and health certificates for parents and puppies.

All relevant DNA tests for the breeds have been carried out on our pets to avoid introducing any unwanted hereditary diseases into our lines. this means you get a healthier pet with less trips to the vets (fingers crossed!)


We are known for producing high quality puppies backed up by our multiple reviews. our goal in breeding is to ensure you have the most amazing friendly pup that’s well socialised, happy, healthy and most of all a joy to have in your home.
We chose all of our breeding parents with great care we want to give you the best of both breeds and one that complements the other. We don’t put 2 dogs together and hope for a good outcome! Great care is taken.

I am a licensed breeder to the highest standard, we are council inspected with Cardiff council & vet inspected each year. My licence number is ABR001 with Cardiff Council.

Our dogs are our beloved pets, they all live within my busy family home, share my children’s beds and live life as a dog should.

When looking for your new fury friend you want to find a breeder that that you can trust. One that has done everything possible for your fur baby, that has the dogs welfare as there main priority.
One that is experienced in what they breed and have carried out all of the health & D.N.A testing recommended.
This will give you the best fur baby to love and cherish for years to come.

All of our dogs are from champion heritage.
They are our family pets first, they live within our busy family home, they are loved by our big family.
No expense is spared on our pets or their pups

All our pups are picked up daily, they are kissed & cuddled from birth until the time comes for them to start there new adventures.
we love our fur family so much and we ask the same from there new forever family.

As a qualified groomer I understand the importance of a well groomed pup. Not just for looks but for health to.
Our pups start the grooming process from 2 weeks old, this ensures they are completely used to the sensation.
Grooming can be extremely stressful for you pup this is why we get them accustomed at a young age.
During the grooming schedule your pup will be exposed to the following:
being bathed & showered.
Dried using dryer/blaster.
Used to the sound of scissors & clipper noise.
Used to getting the nails clipped
Used to having a hygiene clip.
We get them used to feet rubs, tummy tickles & all the noise associated within a busy family home.

All our Pups will leave with an extensive gift bag containing all there favourite items. This will contain a scent blanket & teddy bear which will have been with them since birth. The blanket contains the scent from mum & siblings (we always advise that it can be a bit smelly but your pup will love it as it smells like mum, siblings & home )
A weeks supply of there current food, lots of interactive toys, our favourite puppy shampoo, conditioner & puppy spritz.
We also Include a folder containing both parents kc documents, parents dna test certificates, health check certificate & microchip information. They also have 4 weeks insurance for peace of mind, they are pad trained to the best of our abilities, we do teach them to potty outside weather permitting.

Our babies Have a life of pure luxury from the moment they are born with many of our pups going to live within the UK, Europe & around the world. We have pups who live with celebrity families.
We are happy to assist you should you not live in the UK. Give us a call to talk about your options

You can find us on instagram & Facebook poodilicious Pooche’s.

Please note our family home is protected with security cameras inside & out.
This is to protect ourselves, our poodilicious Pooche’s & you.

Thank you for considering one of our fur babies.

We look forward to speaking to you.
Claire, Gareth & family xxxxx

Puppy Packs

All of our puppies leave us with a comprehensive puppy pack similar but not identical to the photos below. This gives us the peace of mind that our fur babies are getting the best start in life.