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When you opt to use our studs you will receive a 5 star service! All studs will come with complimentary ovulation test to confirm your bitch's timing. Depending on timing that is established as many mating's that are deemed necessary will be provided (Natural or Artificial). Post mating a free pregnancy confirmation ultrasound scan will be available from 28 days. If no pregnancy is determined during the scan a free mating will be provided on the bitch's next season. This will all be detailed in the stud contract that you will be provided with along with copies of KC paperwork and any relevant health tests.



Age 3

Rusty is our handsome home bred Red Toy poodle stud dog. We bred him from his mother  faith, one of our previous deep mahogany red girls. She was mated with his father Wally a deep dark red stud dog from Dorset. He comes from a fantastic heritage with many champions on both parents sides. Rusty is a friendly, energetic and very intelligent boy. He has so many complements on how great he is and he clearly loves his job as much as the ladies! Rustys largest litter stands at 13 golden doodle pups.

Rusty is extensively DNA tested for the following. He is CLEAR of all






He is semen tested every few months along with all of our studs. He has been dna tested for colour and carries  dominant red, 1 copy of black due to having black points.He does not carry the gene for chocolate. Rusty is  from all red breeding lines.

This is a current picture of rusty.



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Age 1.5

Addonis is our beautiful  red stud dog, he was bred from our current and past lines. He is the son of Rusty and Poppy. Poppy, is the daughter of Clifford and one of  our past girls Ruby. He is slightly larger than his father and stands at 12" tall.

Addonis is KC registered and hereditary PRA clear. Addonis is just like his farther and grandfather when it comes to the ladies, he has fathered many litters with his largest being a fantastic size of 15 labradoodles. 

Donny is DNA tested for the 7 bundle, he's fully clear.  You will have all copies along with a stud contract confirming this. 



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Age 1

Hugo is our very  handsome KC registered Miniature poodle Stud. He is semen tested along with his  health checked every 6 months. Hugo is extensively D.N.A tested and clear.

Hugo is available to all size girls, we can offer A.I with all our stud dogs.



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Age 3

Clifford is our beautiful red boy. he is KC registered he produces the most amazing pups, that have fantastic temperaments & personalities. This is why our clients come back to use him time after time. Our beautiful boy still produces dark red pups. Clifford has a wonderful friendly personality, this is always passed down to his offspring. Clifford like our other studs is fantastic with the ladies and knows his job so well. you have no messing about with him.

 He is PRA clear and carries Red, Chocolate & blue in his background.


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Age 1.5

Here we have our beautiful ruby boy Charlie, he is kc registered, proven & dna tested clear.
He has also been tested clear for his heart & eye by a BVA specialist.
He is clear of all know hereditary diseases known to the breed.

Charlie is an experienced stud, he has fathered multiple stunning litters. 

He produces solid reds, along with Blenheims.

Charlie is dna tested clear for.
Dry eye Curly coat (clear)
Episodic falling (clear)
Macrothrombocytopaenia (clear)
Degenerative myelopathy (clear)
Muscular dystrophy (clear)

This boy is something else and he's absolutely beautiful, with a personality to match.



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beautiful Red K.C Toy Poodle.


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